7 Improv Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time

Improv is the best way to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. Indulging in creative, team-building activities is something everyone can get on board with. And right now, Halloween is the perfect time to do some improv comedy with your friends and family. Here are 7 exciting improv Halloween games that are sure to liven up your party. 


Act it Out

The first game in our lineup is one that’s guaranteed to entertain adults and children alike.

  • Make your guests list down different spooky objects associated with the Holiday like witches, ghosts, ghouls, owls, black cats, cauldrons, skulls – the more, the better.
  • Once your list is ready, collectively come up with different actions, sounds or gestures for each object. For example, when you call out black cat, everyone has to screech and make a clawing motion with their hands.
  • After that, all that you need to do is put on some music and call out the names of these objects while all the participants in a random order.
  • You can start off slow, increasing the speed with each turn.
  • Every player who fails to remember the gesture associated with the object that’s called out gets eliminated and the one who survives till the very end wins.


Magic Chair

This one has all the makings of a classic party game that’s sure to get a laugh out of children while the adults put their acting skills to the test.

  • To play magic chair, take any old chair and tell your guests that every time someone sits on it, something magical happens to them.
  • Call your adult volunteers to sit on the chair one by one.
  • Let them know their role beforehand and ask them to giggle, scratch themselves, cry or do similar tricks to make the children think that the chair has turned into a giggling chair, a scratching chair, a crying chair and so on.
  • Repeat the process and make the children guess what kind of chair the adults are sitting on. This can also be done with two teams of adults if no children are around!


Horror Freeze

Improv takes you away to different realities and Horror Freeze is the perfect fun Halloween game for people who love to get lost in a different world. Freeze is a classic improv game which can be spooky if you make it.

  • The game starts with the participants pretending to exist in a different world – but remember, the world needs to be spooky and appropriate for a Halloween party. Your imaginary location can be a graveyard, a haunted mansion or a murder scene.
  • At any point, someone has to yell ‘FREEZE’ and the entire scene freezes up.
  • The person then taps at anyone they want to and they have to start an entirely new scene based on the position they were frozen in.
  • This one is really bound to bring out the actor in all of us with its endless world-building possibilities. 


Scary Movie in a Minute

Who doesn’t love scary movies? We all know Halloween is the time for celebrations and re-runs of classic horror movies like Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Shining. This game is for all the movie buffs out there and is a great way to put your acting skills to use.

  • The game starts off with the audience giving a group of around three people a horror movie title and then acting it out.
  • At first, they have 30 seconds to act the whole thing out. Then they must act out the whole thing again in 20 second and finally, 10.
  • The audience then judges the group on their performance, keeping in mind that the goal is to capture the essence of the movie just through the use of actions, and one person is crowned the winner. 


Documentary Game

This one can work as a warm up or as a full blown game where everyone’s improv Halloween game skills are going to be put to full use.

  • The game requires one person to volunteer as a narrator and they become the player holding the most amount of power while everyone else is an actor.
  • The narrator has the choice to narrate out any story – real or fictional – and all the actors need to act out whatever the narrator is saying.
  • The host can pick out spooky themes for the narrator beforehand, or just trust the participants to come up with their own scary stories.
  • Remember that the actors have full control over their character depictions. So, even spooky ghouls can do comedy to ensure that the documentary game is a fun time for everyone!



The Zombie game is a classic improv Halloween game that pushes everyone to max out their acting skills.

  • The game starts off with regular old world building where the players collectively think of characters and a scenario to act out.
  • The great part about this is that you can choose different character backstories and their dynamics with each other.
  • Once the game starts, two players go about acting until another player who’s outside of the scene ‘murders’ one of the players and takes their place.
  • The person who gets murdered has to stay dead on the floor until someone yells ‘zombies’ which allows them to get up and join the other players in the scene, but only if they move like a zombie. 


Here comes creepy

This game is a delight not just for those who are playing, but also for people who just want a few good laughs and watch the events unfold.

  • Two or three actors can choose to role play customers at any store, be it a supermarket, a boutique or a Halloween costume shop.
  • One actor volunteers to be an employee at the store and they are named Creepy. It’s up to the two actors to have a conversation describing Creepy in the weirdest, funniest way ever in terms of all the wacky things he does with the customers at his store.
  • Then, the actor who plays Creepy comes into the scene and has to act out his persona exactly as the two customers described it.
  • This game has the potential to really bring out everyone’s creative side, while also keeping things light and conversational for the audience. 


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