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These are our out-of-the-box workshops aimed at solving top business problems that we’ve encountered.

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Yes, And for Teams and Organizations in Flux

Structural and Cultural Change Management


Has your team recently grown, merged or pivoted?  Are external pressures bringing about change faster than people can adapt to it?  This workshop uses improvisation and LEGO serious play to help teams get more comfortable with uncertainty, more curious about change and stronger in their commitment to each other.  

Skills Covered

  • Adapting to change
  • Merging working styles
  • Adopting the right mindsets for a changing environment
  • How to go with the flow without giving up your own point of view
  • How to cede control when it’s holding you back and be heard when it matters.  



Find the Unusual and Follow the Fun: Rapid Ideation for Innovation

Storytelling and Innovation


More and more people are being asked to generate new ideas at work more often.  Whether it’s a call to reimagine something totally new, or an expectation to improve existing products and services, more often than not there’s plenty of pressure and not much guidance.  Improv games contain excellent tools for generating unconventional ideas.

This workshop demystifies idea generation by helping teams and individuals think nimbly, build on each other’s ideas, and turn off their inner critics while strengthening their storytelling skills. The workshop will culminate with students pitching ideas to one another.

Skills Covered

  • Free associating in a “flow state”
  • Celebrating other’s ideas
  • Justifying relationships between seemingly disparate concepts
  • Building ideas one word at a time (“bring a brick and not a cathedral”)
  • Using mistakes and misinterpretations to your advantage



Being Yourself and Finding Your Place

Team Building and Collaboration 

Employees’ physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being are directly connected to their performance at work.  But whether the barriers are self-imposed or embedded in organizational norms, most people aren’t doing their best work because work doesn’t feel connected to who they are.

We believe that everyone is more likely to be successful in a culture of mutual celebration.

Skills Covered

  • This workshop helps people imagine their own and their colleagues’ authentic selves at work and to explore how that might impact teaming, culture, project work, and daily interactions
  • Students will use improv games focused on vulnerability, sharing energy, forging connection, and making each other look good.


Dealing with Ambiguity

Problem Solving and Risk Taking

If the problems we’re asked to solve at work were simple, we probably wouldn’t be asked to solve them. Solving “wicked problems” requires a willingness to cede control, comfort with non-linear thinking, the ability to discover patterns and the courage to make bold choices.

Skills Covered

  • This workshop will help individuals center themselves when they’re overwhelmed by complexity
  • Experiment safely without all the answers
  • Admit when decisions you made weren’t the right ones



Criteria for average workshop

Average Duration:

2 and a half to 3 hours

Group Size:

Up to 20





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