6 of the Best Jackbox Games for Work

All work and no play….literally stinks. Apart from making everyone dull and grumpy and turning work into an unbearable endeavor, it diminishes productivity and undermines innovation and creativity. It’s for this reason that enterprises and organizations at the forefront of maximizing employee output have embraced gamification in the workplace. By incorporating games into the regular work routine, working is made more appealing and enjoyable for the employees. This helps to eliminate mental block and boredom that arises due to the monotony of working incessantly with no break.

While no one envisioned it, games in the workplace have come to serve another very crucial purpose. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing establishments to scale back on the physical presence of employees at work, people have been forced to work remotely from home. This has posed a serious challenge to operations that require teamwork and collaboration between workers. Thanks to Zoom and online games, the bond and connection between employees is maintained as they are able to engage in these exciting fun games together, boosting their individual and collective output.

There are a variety of Jackbox games that can serve well as icebreakers in the workplace. With these in abundance, what matters is how to go about playing them during virtual happy hours. Determining the size of the group that will be participating is the first essential step. While many of the titles that have been created lately can accommodate up to 10,000 participants as a play-along audience, most of the games support one to eight active players at any one given time. The exciting part is that the audience participants take part in the game by voting to influence the outcome via Jackbox.tv! What better way to root for your favorite coworkers!

While the whole idea of playing Jackbox games is to have the maximum amount of fun possible during work happy hours, some level of professionalism is required though. Jackbox Icebreaker games for work have the provision of a family-friendly filter which helps in moderating adult content and preserving some level of modesty. Be careful not to have too much fun!

There are innumerable games out there but the following are some of the best Jackbox games for work you can use to liven up the workplace;

  1. Fibbage XL- Encapsuled in the Jackbox Party Pack 1, Fibbage XL is a riveting trivia game that gets the participants, usually two to eight, bursting their heads excitedly to guess whether certain facts are true or false then filling the answer in the provided blanks. After every player feels in their answer, the correct answer is then concurrently shown along with the false answers thereby revealing those who are right and wrong.
  2. Quiplash XL- Featured in the Jackbox Party Pack 2, two prompts are allocated to two players to answer. The answers are then compared and the players select which one they find more interesting thereby deciding a winner. This fascinating can be played by three to eight people.
  3. Tee K.O- Part of the Jackbox Party Pack 3, Tee K.O is a game specifically aimed at stretching the players’ creativity by letting them each make their own drawings which they then pass to each other to caption. The captions and drawings are merged and printed on T-shirts that are then voted on and the best one selected. This game is also meant for three to eight players.
  4. Fakin It- A part of the Jackbox Party Pack 3 too, this game is as the name suggests about faking. Instructions to take various actions such as “lift your hand if…” or “Identify who…” are given to all the players with the exception of one. It is then the task of the players to identify the exempted person who is “faking.” An extremely enthralling game, it pushes the players to pay attention to the body language and physical cues of each other in trying to identify the faker. The game can accommodate three to six players.
  5. Split the Room- This game is in the Jackbox Party Pack 5 and is meant for about three to eight people. Like in Fibbage XL, players are given prompts with blank spaces to fill only difference being here they have to fill them with controversial and divisive choices. The choices are then subjected to a vote in which the voters should be split into half in favour of either choices. The game is to be played by three to eight players at most.
  6. Champ’d Up- Packaged in the Jackbox Party Pack 7, players have to select champions for the unique prompts generated and then each player has to pick up a challenger to whichever champion they have received. Each champion then faces their challenger in a duel after which the players vote on who the winner is. The game is very engaging and requires a lot of creativity to win. The game has an allowance for three to eight participants in total.

With traditional means of managing employees and achieving productivity being swapped out for modern methods that are more oriented towards maximizing employee welfare and job satisfaction, these Jackbox games are a great integration into your work culture to increase enthusiasm and good cheer at the workplace with the overall objective being to increase productivity. Try them out today and see the level of employee satisfaction in your organization go up!