Prevent Video Call Burnout With Engaging Activities

Almost a year after most businesses went remote, the side effects of video call burnout has become increasingly more prevalent. From this can come decreased engagement and productivity from even star employees and if not addressed, high staff turnover. However, if you take a moment to step back and analyze the root of the issue, you will be comforted to know that correcting all these problems can be as simple as changing the way you conduct your meetings.

First, why is everyone getting so burnt out with these video calls?

There are dozens of reasons why an individual or a company as a whole may begin to feel burnt out on videos calls. Unlike the good ol’ days of in-person meetings around the whiteboard, each of us is now confined to our home offices (or our couches, in some cases) where we can easily find distractions everywhere we look. At the same time, we are no longer fully visible in these discussions, so responding to that Slack or sending that text is doable without ever alerting anyone to the fact that you are not fully engaged.

The additional fatigue of focusing more intently than ever to not only gather information from a meeting but to also appear like you are paying constant attention can prove to be draining for anyone. The frequency of these calls without rectifying the elephant in the room can only increase the exhaustion, effecting retention and productivity levels along the way.

Encourage a collaborative culture and listen to what your employees have to say

What can be engaging to one team in the financial sector can be completely different from what a SAAS start-up group finds enjoying. The different personalities of each team and each individual should always be brought into consideration when incorporating activities or games into video calls. One of the best ways to ensure that what you are bringing to the table is valuable, is to open it up to discussion with your team.

Asking for employee input on an activity is not only a good practice for yourself, but it also helps your team recognize that their thoughts and preferences matter. Better yet, an open and honest discussion between employees or departments can yield a more collaborative culture with solutions stemming from teamwork and camaraderie.

You can start with small activities to keep your team engaged

You may not need to create huge processes or games to mitigate burnout and get your team engaged; the solution to your situation could be something small and incredibly easy to implement. Before pulling your hair out about creating massive initiatives, try starting and proceeding through your video calls differently.

This can be something as simple as beginning your video call with an ice-breaker question rather than immediately jumping into the task at hand. You could use a light-hearted “if you could keep one unconventional animal as a pet, what would it be?” or even something intriguing and team building like “what is your office superpower?”

Another easy remedy to use when you can feel your team grow restless in your calls is to schedule breaks and check-ins throughout your time together. When one person is doing much of the talking, it can be easy for employees to zone out, so preface the call with timed breaks followed by check-ins to make sure employees are still engaged and the information is actually being retained.

Hosting a virtual happy hour could be just what you need!

Do you remember the days when you could take your team out for a happy hour at the end of a long week or when people of different departments would schedule a get together for everyone to mingle and unwind? The benefits of these happy hours are apparent now more than ever.

However, a video call with the sole purpose of hosting a virtual happy hour can be just as helpful and create just as much a feeling of togetherness as before. Incorporating other fun activities like themed drinks or exchanging cocktail recipes can increase that employee engagement factor and boost retention across the board!

While video call burn out may be prevalent in the world right now, it is absolutely possible to avoid it with the right activities and systems. Creating fun in the workplace, even if it is currently everyone’s individual homes, is possible and the act of doing so can boost your employee engagement, boost retention, and encourage productivity in and out of the calls themselves.

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