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    Make Bold Choices Together

    Be bold, like flavorful corn chips.


Improv Workshops get your team away from their desks and connecting with each other. 

Through these playful exercises and techniques, we equip your staff with better tools for collaborating, pitching ideas, supporting each other, and actively listening (really!). As with all of our services, we work with you to build a program that addresses your office’s greatest needs. 

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How we work with you

Gather Inputs

Gather Inputs

Our first step is to understand your team's needs and objectives. At the start of our engagements, we issue a creative questionnaire that helps us get a feel for your current situation and how we may use our methods to facilitate conversations.

Apply Methods

Apply Methods

Next, we interview you and key team members to determine which of our improv pillars will effect maximum impact on your goals/objectives. From there, we design a plan-of-action that includes numerous improv warm-ups and exercises suited to your needs.

Uncover Insight

Uncover Insight

During and after our session, your team will be encouraged to uncover and share insights about your processes and products. You'll be left with a few key tools and phrases to help you work more collaboratively and efficiently and just have more fun working as a team.


Average Duration:

2 and a half to 3 hours

Full-day Custom Programs Availabile Upon Consultation

Group Size:

20 Per Group

20+ Requires Customization


Recommended Use Areas:

Brainstorming & Innovation, Communication, Customer Service, Leadership, Marketing, Personal Development, Sales

Usage Occasions:

Collaboration Sessions, Strategic Shifts, Change Management, Ideation, Retreats, Team Meetings

Our improv agents can craft a custom solution for your business, adjusting to your unique business opportunity, group size and length / type of event.


What others thought of our work

Nishauna B.

I went into the professional development workshop assured that I wouldn’t like it. I’m a team player so I had to participate however as a very straight forward and generally serious person I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it and I was so wrong! It pushed me out of my comfort zone, in the best way possible. The leaders of the workshop that guided us through the various activities were amazing. Through these activities we were able to see the importance of listening, communication, and working together to achieve a common goal. It was an overall great experience that I would definitely recommend for other businesses or groups.

Darby T.

This was just what our team needed—a chance to have fun, play, and support one another. I will definitely be using the “Yes, and…” concept in our meetings and in my work. And might occasionally “be” a bean if we need to lighten the mood and share energy with one another.



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