Improv Workshops

How LEGO’s Rebuild The World Campaign Affects Adults In The Workplace

You’re scrolling through your Instagram timeline, swiping through image over image from an algorithm that’s been curated for you by another entity. This practise takes up at least an hour or so (perhaps more) of your daily life. And it’s been normalized so much that you’ve never even questioned what it’s doing to your brain! […]

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6 Ways Improv Can Help Your Employee Performance Development

One-third (36%) of organizations surveyed in Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study say their leadership development practices are still below average or poor. Organizations are struggling to improve the quality of development for their employees. Those looking for different solutions should consider improvisation as a means for furthering performance. We look at Gallup’s […]

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2 Improv Exercises Good for Meeting Ice Breakers

Successful businesses rarely have the time and energy to foster employee’s skills. Before jumping into long meetings, it’s a good idea to energize your team and hone their ability to listen, share information, and create an environment that encourages communication. Luckily, improvisation allows us to focus on employee skills while preparing for a meeting.  Using […]

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