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Applied Improvisation

7 Improv Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time

Improv is the best way to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. Indulging in creative, team-building activities is something everyone can get on board with. And right now, Halloween is the perfect time to do some improv comedy with your friends and family. Here are 7 exciting improv Halloween games that are sure to liven up […]

Design Thinking

Top 10 Ways MURAL Can Help Your Employees Ideate and Engage During COVID-19

Human centered design has gained quite a lot of traction over recent years. This approach of solving problems and coming up with holistic solutions through interdisciplinary approaches has greatly improved the way the world works. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic restricting everyone to their own homes, the process of co-creation has been affected to a […]

Employee Engagement

COVID-19 Employee Engagement Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered all aspects of the normal that was once known and celebrated. No field of business, healthcare system, economic development or educational departments have escaped the wrath of the virus. However, the pandemic has not only created a temporary shift in the mundane tasks of everyday life but has remodelled every […]

Employee Engagement

McKinsey’s Research on Improving Employee Engagement During Covid-19

With the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic coming to a halt, the world is slowly reopening, one day at a time. Schools are opening in shifts, some offices are running on 50% capacity and the world has gradually learned how to adapt to the new normal. But even then, there’s a huge shift in […]

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Applied Improvisation

6 Sources that Say Improv for Business is Great

We could go on all day saying how great improv for business is, but the truth is, others have already done the work for us. Below are six different organizations that featured improvisation in the workplace. Enjoy some leisurely reading!   FM MAGAZINE How an improv class can help develop essential business skills   […]

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Expansive + Constraints | Open Yourself Up To Play

 A warm welcome goes to our latest guest, Jessie Wilcox! Little Jessie is always here and ready to play! Jessie grew up playing a lot, from role playing and games to engineering her own toys out of found objects, she found a way to routinely create stories and narratives. Her first computer was an […]


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