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Applied Improvisation

6 Ways Improv Can Help Your Employee Performance Development

One-third (36%) of organizations surveyed in Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study say their leadership development practices are still below average or poor. Organizations are struggling to improve the quality of development for their employees. Those looking for different solutions should consider improvisation as a means for furthering performance. We look at Gallup’s […]

Applied Improvisation

2 Improv Exercises Good for Meeting Ice Breakers

Successful businesses rarely have the time and energy to foster employee’s skills. Before jumping into long meetings, it’s a good idea to energize your team and hone their ability to listen, share information, and create an environment that encourages communication. Luckily, improv for business allows us to focus on employee skills while preparing for a […]

Comedy Content

LMAO, 5 Comedy Videos that Show Funny Works for Business

So, your company has some strong marketing language and key points that must be hit in every piece of collateral.  That sounds pretty boring. 🙁 The truth is, customers don’t care about your brand and they’ll only listen if there’s something in it for them. If you want a two-way line of communication, you need […]

Team Building and Collaboration

Play-Doh Activities for Adults at Work

If you’re anything like my niece, you’re only allowed one color of Play-Doh at a time because you’re going to mix all of the colors together because it’s just too much fun. Play-Doh is a staple of your childhood but you’d probably never think of buying some for the workplace. That’s for kids. Right? Yes. […]

Playmobil Pro

4 Ways Playmobil Pro Can Help You and Your Team

Source: Playmobil We already know how your inner monologue is going; We’re all fully grown adults, and the time for playing and having fun is over, right? Wrong. There are more toys for the workplace coming your way! Fact is, adults should be indulging in game activities regardless of their age. Numerous studies, like this […]

Employee Engagement

A Look at Developing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in business has become very essential matter to discuss. Most of the business experts on different platforms are pointing out that better employee concentration can only give success to a business. The term employee engagement means the level that an employee has connections and commitments to their job and loyalty to the organization. […]

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