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Design Thinking, Storytelling and Innovation

Design Thinking Exercises for Marketing Personas

In today’s blog we take a look into the book Gamestorming and deep inside our brains for some design thinking exercises that are great for marketing teams in their next design thinking workshop. Focusing on attributes of a persona This first exercise was created by Jorge Arango.  The interesting part of this exercise is that […]


Toying Around with LEGO®: Serious Play, Toys for Adults

“Ugh, i’m an adult, i’m not playing.” your inner dialogue may be saying. Or perhaps, your inner dialogue is elated at the thought of having fun.  I know mine is. Play for children is their way of learning whether they’re aware of it or not. For adults, our play is often very goal focused, like […]

Applied Improvisation

Improvising Helps Your Organization When Going Through Leadership Changes

Change happens and most of the time you can’t control the repercussions that it has on your team. Leadership changes can be both good and ugly so you need the right mindset to make your work life go on without a hitch. With improv comedy, change can happen at the drop of a hat so […]

Applied Improvisation

5 Improv Comedy Quotes that Also Apply to Business

Depending on where people studied improv and who they’ve studied with, there are a number of phrases and quotes that are continuously reinforced. Lucky for you, the reader, we compiled 5 phrases that transcend all improv institutions. Even more lucky for you, the reader, we tied them to how they are related to the workplace. […]

Team Building and Collaboration

Cool Open Space Workplaces Good for Collaboration

Great collaboration doesn’t just require your team and a solid program, the space that it’s held in makes all of the difference! Here are some photos of really effective collaboration spaces in offices that have things such as modular pieces, whiteboards, TVs, and wide open areas. Wide open areas are great for improv. 😉


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