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Little Bricks, Big Results

Creative business workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

Kids have wild imaginations that allow them to create new worlds filled with endless possibilities. When we look at the tenets of improvisation, DON’T THINK, MAKE BOLD CHOICES, TRUST, LISTEN, AGREE, and CELEBRATE FAILURE, they really highlight not only improv, but how children play. For kids are architects who figure out how different toys play together and they think like artists for creative solutions – what if my brother’s action figures stole my teddy bear? What if my teddy bear sat on top of that thin plastic tower? What would happen if my teddy bear fell to the ground? How would my toys react? There are no wrong questions or answers as long as they’re based in their world of wonder.


All of this takes place in the moment as kids improvise their stories. Much like kids, adults have stories too, but it can be harder for us to let them out. By using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology in the context of business, we can use the bricks and models as metaphors to tell our stories. Tap into that inner child and tell them that it’s okay to play at work.

How we work with you

Gather Inputs

Gather Inputs

Our first step is to understand your team's needs and objectives. At the start of all of our engagements, we issue a creative questionnaire that gets a feel for your current situation and how we may use our methods to facilitate conversations.

Apply Methods

Apply Methods

With the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology we can develop a one or two day session for you, exploring a range of topics anywhere from team alignment/vision to critiquing a group’s process.

Uncover Insight

Uncover Insight

During our session, we'll uncover ideas and insight that might not have been generated on their own. Oh yeah, it'll be a lot of fun too!

What others thought of our work

Mike C.

It made me feel like a kid again.

Pamela L.

I tapped into a reservoir from my childhood where flights of fancy are limitless and I learned to fabricate a rainbow of original artistry outside of my usual creative endeavors. Thank you for allowing me to play with your Legos and enter that world of fantasy and fun.

Olivia T.

I came in with the lowest of expectations mostly because I had never played with LEGOS as a kid. I left with a sincere admiration for storytelling at the most necessary level. Frank opened my eyes. I created a story with more depth to it than I ever thought possible... It's truly amazing how creating a setting and physically putting your characters in them squeezes your heart just enough to enjoy the story your making. So thankful I did this!


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