10 Toys Perfect for Your Desk

So, imagine you’re sitting at your desk, super stressed and wish you there was something to fiddle with in order to keep your attention. Well, voila. Here are some of the top toys you can buy to have at your desk. On a long phone call? Play with a toy. Trying to get your brain going to generate ideas? Play with a toy. Just plain looking for something fun for the office? Play with a toy! Below we have a bunch of different options, from building toys to putty. Take a look and let us know how you use them!


Zolo  $28-$120

Plus Plus $7.99 & up

Light Stax Illuminated Blocks $29.99

Brain Flakes $13.98

Story Cubes $19.99

Crazy Aaron’s Putty $14.94 & Up

Play-Doh $14.99 & Up

Dry Erase Blocks  $10.00


Wooden Tetris Puzzle  $8.99 

Boogie Board Smart Paper  $24.99


If you love the idea of having some toys in the workplace to boost employee engagement, talk to us about a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop.