4 Ways Playmobil Pro Can Help You and Your Team

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Source: Playmobil

We already know how your inner monologue is going; We’re all fully grown adults, and the time for playing and having fun is over, right? Wrong. There are more toys for the workplace coming your way!

Fact is, adults should be indulging in game activities regardless of their age. Numerous studies, like this one, have shed light on the benefits of play for adults. These include higher productivity, more creativity, and a general sense of well-being. 

Playmobil Pro makes just this kind of play accessible for adults – and with a professional twist to it! This is a modeling kit for professionals that encourages creative thinking and problem solving in the workplace. Playmobil Pro caters to professional trainers, start-ups, and creative workshops. It aims to support management trends and modern working methods in areas such as communication, marketing, creativity and innovation.

I’ve been told to be patient a few times after reaching out to Playmobil about buying a kit. It’s not available in the U.S. until January 2020. We’ll all collectively get our sets at the same time.

The play pack comes with various dry erase figures and numerous props to adorn them with.

In this article, we break down 4 Ways How You And Your Team Can Benefit From Using Playmobil Pro: 

Playmobil Pro Can Be Used as an Ice Breaker For Your Team

We all know how important communication is to the success of any team. Why not use Playmobil Pro to get people talking with each other? You can use the kit as a creative way to get them to introduce themselves: each person depicts themselves through a figure and accessories to describe themselves and their role within the organization. Or you could get them to pick one of their team members to depict an office related activity through the kit’s accessories – without saying anything. The rest of the team must guess which activity it is! Fun, engaging activities like this are a great alternative to conventional ice breakers and communication builders. 

Playmobil Pro Flexes Your Creative Muscles

Playmobil Pro encourages you to think outside the box. Even if you don’t see yourself as a master of creativity – at least you’re encouraged to be more imaginative. What is your vision for the pieces you’re using? How will you accept feedback from you colleagues? How will you make your system come to life? There are so many possibilities! Which brings us to our next point 

Playmobil Pro Offers a Range of Possibilities

In the context of a professional setting, Playmobil Pro can be used in various ways;

  • Will you use it to align a team undergoing change?
  • Will you use it to run a social media crisis workshop? 
  • Will you use it to define different customer personas, or dissect how to improve customer experience?
  • Will you use it to explain to a customer service department which roles are needed to create a social customer care team?

No matter what the situation is that you’re dealing with, Playmobil Pro offers a creative way to tackle team obstacles.

Playmobil Pro Brings the Whole Team Together

Does a PowerPoint Presentation have to be the reason for colleagues to sit together in a session? Playmobil Pro encourages members of a team to come together and have constructive discourse without a conventional format. It encourages teamwork in an innovative way, demanding participation from each member, yet also being fun enough to engross everyone involved. One thing we can say for sure – people won’t be sleeping through a Playmobil session. It’s a win-win for everyone!



Playmobil Pro is a great addition to the arsenal of serious play toys for adults at work. Try combining Playmobil Pro with LEGO Serious Play or your favorite method of conducting meetings for maximum impact!