Expansive + Constraints | Open Yourself Up To Play

A warm welcome goes to our latest guest, Jessie Wilcox! Little Jessie is always here and ready to play! Jessie grew up playing a lot, from role playing and games to engineering her own toys out of found objects, she found a way to routinely create stories and narratives. Her first computer was an inet with windows 3.1 and somewhere between 2015-2020 she discovered that they don’t make hard copies of software anymore. It’s all digital! Jessie shared a lot with us and suggests merging work + play in the following ways:

  • You need to think expansively “What are all of the possibilities?” “Can we find a way through this obstacle?”
  • You have to put yourself in the narrative, and into the shoes of multiple parties
  • If you can show vulnerability, open yourself up to play, be colorful, and show them your belly, others will show theirs too
  • To get along with someone, you have to play well with them
    Anyone on any kind of team have to be playing the same game. This can be the goal of a task or the goal of the company. Without a clear goal, you can’t win the game. With a goal, you can win.
  • Be clear and understand your constraints
  • You never learn how to swim if you’re thrown into the deep end. You may learn how to survive but you’ll never be better unless somebody is there to help you. It takes a lot of team effort to teach you how to swim.
  • Remember everything we approach in life is new and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Support people in being interested beyond what’s in front of them

She created my new favorite term #aggressiveadulthood, look out for merchandise with it coming soon.