Imagine + Create | Imagine a Future You Want to Be a Part of

Tanya Ferrell is guest numero uno on our new podcast. From construction toys, imaginative play, and being bossy to writing fiction, starting businesses, and tackling marketing challenges, Tanya surely uses her imagination to create endless possibilities. In this episode, Tanya suggests merging work + play by:

  • Having a sense of humor and understand business is not life or death
  • Socializing and building relationships with individuals on your team and within the company
  • Setting up challenges for yourself and your team to develop dream ideas that may or may not be able to be executed
  • Letting your imagination take you where it wants to take you
  • Creating a playlist then challenge yourself to come up with a story based off of each song
  • Taking a walk around the street to reset and connect better with people

Tanya left us with these words of wisdom, “Take inventory of your life and know what your priorities are then you’ll be able to approach work differently.” Be happy, develop relationships with people, and make that money!