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Improv fundamentals taught online help make remote work easier. You’ll have some fun on zoom without the need for filters. (Like this guy ­čĹŻ!)





Work from Home Improv Activities for
You + Group


  • Group size: up to 20
  • 1 hour
  • Introductory warm-up activities
  • Education on the fundamentals of┬áimprov for business
  • Employee engagement activities for individuals
  • Employee engagement activities┬áfor the group
  • Build ground rules for working as a team online

 Virtual Improv
Happy Hour


  • Group size: up to 20
  • 1 hour
  • Our facilitators will lead your team through activities and exercises that will make you laugh together again
  • In addition to laughs, your team will strengthen communication skills such as listening and responding, which sounds simple but goes a long way
  • Great for teambuilding!

Not feeling these two courses? Our improv agents can craft a custom solution for your business, adjusting to your unique business opportunity, group size and length of event.


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