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    “Collaborate” originates from the Australian “Koala-brate”, which means: a riotous celebration of koalas.

A happy, high-functioning team doesn’t grow on trees (you fools!). Employees need structural support and guidance to form a culture where everyone is able to share ideas and build together.

Without this, you’ll too often have a conference room full of Overly-Confident Olivias and Strangely-Shy Sharons working to create an imbalanced Frankenstein’s monster of a pitch. Our Collaborative Writing Workshops offer form and function to group projects. Teams learn fun, collaborative methods for idea generation, decision-making, and storytelling. These activities go beyond a shiny, new written product – they also get you a shiny, new refreshingly-effective team.

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Our collaborative writing process

Gather Inputs

Gather Inputs

Projects begin with our writers submerging themselves in your unique business problems. They come up for air long enough to ask questions and give you thoughts on what they're thinking.

Apply Methods

Apply Methods

Our writing team has a bunch of brainstorming techniques in their back pocket, some of which utilize design thinking exercises to make our writing room very productive. We can write with or without your team based on your needs and timeline.

Uncover Insights

Uncover Insights

Once we complete the project, you're left with a different way of looking at your business, all through the lens of comedy.


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