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A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is exactly what you think it is, and then some. Every participant gets to play with LEGOs (heck yea!). 

This isn’t glorified recess. Our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator will guide your team through a process that transforms individual ideas into discussion, shared awareness, and collective innovation. By the end of the workshop, these silly bricks will have a bigger impact on strategy-making and group communication than a year’s worth of Slack chats and company happy hours.

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How we work with you

Gather Inputs

Gather Inputs

Our first step is to understand your team's needs and objectives. At the start of all of our engagements, we issue a creative questionnaire that gets a feel for your current situation and how we may use our methods to facilitate conversations.

Apply Methods

Apply Methods

With the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology we can develop a one or two day session for you, exploring a range of topics anywhere from team alignment/vision to critiquing a group’s process.

Uncover Insight

Uncover Insight

During our session, we'll uncover ideas and insight that might not have been generated on their own. Oh yeah, it'll be a lot of fun too!

What others thought of our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops

Mike C.

It made me feel like a kid again.

Pamela L.

I tapped into a reservoir from my childhood where flights of fancy are limitless and I learned to fabricate a rainbow of original artistry outside of my usual creative endeavors. Thank you for allowing me to play with your Legos and enter that world of fantasy and fun.

Olivia T.

I came in with the lowest of expectations mostly because I had never played with LEGOS as a kid. I left with a sincere admiration for storytelling at the most necessary level. Frank opened my eyes. I created a story with more depth to it than I ever thought possible... It's truly amazing how creating a setting and physically putting your characters in them squeezes your heart just enough to enjoy the story your making. So thankful I did this!

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Connections Kit

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